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In cooperation with Sparxpres we offer attractive, easy, and fast finance. You can apply for a loan on this website. Free of interests and charges.

Zero interests
Zero establishment charges

1 Fill out the form and send your application
2 Sign with your NEM-ID
3 The loan will be paid to the retailer
4 You are ready to receive your goods

Information about expenses: consumer loan – free of interests and charges.

Total amount on credit 5.000 kr. 10.000 kr. 20.000 kr. 30.000 kr.

Loan period in months 10 10 20 20

Monthly payment 500 kr. 1.000 kr. 1.500 kr.

Total expenses on credit 0 kr.

Total amount to be paid

Annual fixed interest paid by debtor

Annual expenses in percentage

The loan can always be redeemed with no extra charges. The above given example is an example because it is assumed that there are 30 days between the payout and the payment of first rate.

Furthermore, BS should be payment method. The debtor has the right to withdraw. A positive credit authorization is required for any loan.

Other expenses, charges, avenue for complaint, right to withdraw etc. – click here.