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Soap treatment


Buy a regular package / bag of soap scraps if necessary of the brand Sterling. Boil water in an electric kettle and make sure to have a plastic container with a lid. Like with room for 1 liter of water in the container.

Now add 2 large tablespoons of soap in the container, add about 25 to 30 cl of boiled water and whip up the soapy water with electric whisk until it becomes a thick solid slimy mass, adjust with soap or boiled water until you feel it is there. It may be as thick cake cream…

Let it cool down and lay lid on for a day, then the mass should be like a soft shoe cream.

Put a new cloth and sponge in the bucket so it is always the same cloth and sponge used.

In daily use when wiping tables, the cloth is well twisted into lukewarm water and always along the length of the tree’s veins.
1 to 2 times weekly after use, take half a teaspoon of full soap in the cloth and twist in lukewarm water and wipe the table along with oars. The table should not be wet but as by ordinary. wash off – every 2 weeks you must remember the underside of the table.

Do you feel that there is too much soap in the table? Then wipe it with wrung cloth sometimes.

After drying, in order to keep the table beautifully on the surface, you can use an abrasive sponge grain 400. It can be purchased in the construction market. Just drive this lightly over the table along with oars.

The sponge in the bucket you use every three months and rub a little more soap in the table, let it dry half an hour and wipe with lukewarm water along with the oars.